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What is the Shaping Concepts Fitness Center?.....

The Shaping Concepts Fitness Center is a full-service fitness center located in Bluffton, South Carolina. The SC Fitness Center is designed to meet the needs of all adults and youth from those with chronic medical conditions to those who simply want to increase their level of fitness.

At the SC Fitness Center, we offer a variety of services. Our PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM is individually geared to your goals and success. Our SMALL GROUP FITNESS MELT CLASSES will completely make your body a fat burning machine. We also offer an In-Home CANNONFIT BODY TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM, designed to meet weight loss for the obese. Owner Chad Cannon also consistently does SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS AND SEMINARS, as well as CORPORATE WELLNESS for big and small corporations.

Results! More than I ever dreamed I could achieve! Not only have I lost weight, but I have lost body fat percentage and gained muscle. I have so much more energy now. I am stronger, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, thanks to Chad. My balance has improved a great deal from that first day, and my muscles have responded to our many workouts by becoming toned and sculpted. But it's the little things that I notice and that make me smile. When I ride on the motorcycle my arms no longer flap like wings in the breeze, they are firm. And when I sit down I can look straight down and see all of my legs, instead of the large mound of fat that I carried for so many years obstructing my view. Best of all, I now have the stamina to keep up with my 4-year old grandson, Jake, who is all boy, and know that I will have many more years growing with him because of the wonderful gifts of proper diet and exercise that Chad has taught me to develop, as well as a positive attitude to achieve what is within yourself. Thank you again, Chad, for all you have done and will continue to do for me and many others. - Doreen (Bluffton, SC)

I wore the brown shirt one year ago. Needless to say - it has been donated! Thank you for all that you have helped me achieve. I can't say Thank You enough! I'm about an inch and a half away from fitting back into my wedding gown - not bad for almost 10 years later."

You have truly helped restore the smile on my face. Ya'll are the best! I enjoy walking in and being greeted with smiles and everyone knows your name - you are treated as an individual, not just a member. I definitely have more energy and I can see that I am losing weight and getting in shape. I can eat without feeling guilty - I now know I NEED to eat to be fit and healthy. I went from eating one meal a day to eating at least 4 times a day. - Cyndi (Bluffton, SC)

I just wanted to thank you all for all you've done for me over the last 10 months, with your help and the Weight Watchers program I've gone from a personal weight high of 348 lbs To my present weight of 215 lbs, I still have a little ways to go but I know with you behind me as well as my family and friends that I will get to my goal weight of 200 lbs. I was right on the verge of going over that line of no return. I had high blood pressure and was on medication and I was prediabetic, My cholesterol was out of sight, My personal health was very bad not to mention that it was all I could do just to walk up a flight of stairs without having to stop to catch my breath. Today I'm in the best shape that I've been in, in many years, Not since I was in the Army have I felt so good, and that was more then 22 years ago, I am also off all my medications, and there is no sign of Diabetes or High blood pressure and my Cholesterol is shaping up as well. I want to thank you all for helping me see the light, and to help me save my life. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again. - Tim (Bluffton, SC)

After two years, retirement living "southern style" had caught up to me. A new home and lifestyle plus the stress of having my son deployed to Iraq all contributed to me being out of shape. I decided to join a big gym and quit after a month - so I decided to give Shaping Concepts a try. I signed up for three workouts a week and met my trainer. His style has taught me how consistency and commitment achieves results. After three months I've lost 20 pounds and am still counting! Shaping Concepts provides one-on-one attention and a personal program designed just for you. The trainers really do want you to succeed! My Trainer is constantly changing my routine as I near my goal. His killer "combos" really work! - Lorna (Bluffton, SC)
Liz has gone from 148 pounds of fat to 138 pounds of pure muscle. She has dropped 6% body fat and absolutely loves her biceps now. She cannot stop flexing for people! "I've been coming for seven months and I was able to make it through a trip through Mexico and all the pyramids". Liz (Bluffton, SC)

"As I reflect on my first full year with Shaping Concepts-more particularly Chad and Hilary - I am amazed at the progress I have made. I originally came to the Shaping Concepts gym kicking and screaming, to partner with my wife Linda in a one week "spouses train free" special. Well, one week became two and then three and before I knew it I was a full paying customer with my own trainer and customized workouts.

I am a numbers guy by profession and that's the best way I know to report my results to date. My weight has dropped from 235 pounds on day one to 216 pounds as I write this. My body fat has dropped from 34% to 26%. In short, I have reduced my weight and added muscle, as perhaps you might expect.

But my numbers go beyond that. What I am most excited about is the fact that my blood pressure (which often ran in excess of 145/85) is now regularly in the 120/80 range. I am also much more sensitive to my nutritional habits.

Bottom line-I feel great and many say I look great as well.

I look forward to my second year as a much more informed, positive and I must say physically fit individual, and would encourage anyone reading this testimonial to give Shaping Concepts a try. I assure you, you won't be sorry". Joe (Bluffton, SC)

30 Plantation Park Dr. #205A
Bluffton, South Carolina, 29910
Phone: 843-757-8626